The World of Volunteering at MCM

Follow me in this blog as I give you a behind the scenes look at volunteering at Montgomery Community Media.

I am originally from the Netherlands, and now live and work in Montgomery County. My interest in MCM began at the Montgomery County Agricultural Fair in August 2011, which prompted me to sign up for certification as a Field Camera Technician and Field Producer. Since then I have worked on more than a dozen productions as a camera technician, crew manager, floor director, video director and Final Cut Pro editor, for which I received MCM certification in May 2012.

Producing a television show involves the talents of many people. Follow my blog when I feature volunteers to express my gratitude to technicians and crew members.

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On the Edge of Time (VIDEO)

On the Edge of Time Cover

A story of courage, faith and determination as a woman diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer talks candidly about her journey. In September 2013 I was approached by Mark Deuser, asking me if I was interested in filming his wife Kathryn during her discussions with her Pastor Stephen Price about her journey with Ovarian Cancer. At first […]

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When a Small Team Becomes a BIG DEAL

JOY Cheerleaders

TWO weeks ago, the Montgomery County Special Olympics Cheer leading Team SOMO JOY had just a little over 200 likes, even though this is a THREE time Gold Medal winning team. Word is spreading fast that the girls from JOY and their coaches are about to write Special Olympics history, as they were invited to […]

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Featured Volunteer: Nancy Frohman (VIDEO)

Tim Shriver and Nancy Frohman at the Special Olympics headquarters in DC.

I was working as a Teaching Assistant for the field camera technician class at MCM when I met this short woman with wild curly hair. If you look on Wikipedia to find “great things come in small packages” you might actually find a picture of Nancy Frohman (go ahead, you know you want to check […]

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Featured Volunteer: Marcie Povitsky

Marcie at the Rockville Volunteer Fire Dept

Anybody who is a frequent visitor of the MCM studios will know her face, even though they may not know her name. Many will think that she’s a full-time employee of MCM, which she is not. She does work at MCM several hours per month as a Teacher’s Assistant and Facilities Technician, to hand out […]

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The Power of Kids

Kids of Power Beach

This weekend I have started yet another exciting stage of my adventures as a public access television producer, one that is really close to my heart, a children’s show. My 7-year-old son has been begging me for almost 2 years now to have “his own television show” and finally we have made a huge leap […]

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Hollywood Week at MCM


These past 6 weeks have been “project weeks” for the Field Producer, Field Camera technician and Field Editor classes here at MCM. I compare this to the Hollywood week of American Idol; random students are teamed up with strangers, to produce, shoot and edit a documentary style interview with a local individual. The finished product […]

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Going From Local to Regional TV

Holy Live and Lip Gloss & A Sander

Wednesday was a special day for the team of Lip Gloss & A Sander as the host of the show, Bridget Edell was featured on the Holly Live show on Fox 5 DC Morning News. Holly and her crew of two (Camera Tech Mike and Engineer Max) came by Bridget’s house at 6 a.m. to […]

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Featured Volunteer: Cameras! Sound! And….Hurry!


Having an ambitious shooting schedule can definitely bring out the best in a production crew as I found out this Saturday. With that in mind, things that seem to be impossible sometimes turn into a beautiful reality. This weekend started out with picking up the  reservations made two weeks ago, for equipment to shoot footage […]

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Featured Volunteer: Stephen Leard


Featured Volunteer, Stephen Leard Like I said in previous blogs, a producer would be nothing without a dedicated volunteer crew to make his or her productions possible. One of the most dedicated volunteers I have had the privilege to meet and work with at Montgomery Community Media is Stephen Leard. When I first met him […]

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Be a Successful MCM Producer

Robert Snip Field Camera View Finder

In no way, shape or form, do I consider myself an authority on television Productions here at Montgomery Community Media, or anywhere else for that matter. I have been a certified Field Producer, Field Camera Technician and Field Editor FCP for only a short number of years and I will admit to you that I […]

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