All-Pedestrian Traffic Signal Improves Pedestrian Safety in Downtown Bethesda

A new traffic signal in downtown Bethesda stops car traffic on all sides so pedestrians can cross in all directions at once.

The all-pedestrian traffic signal was installed this month at the intersection of Arlington Rd. and Bethesda Ave. 

It is part of a larger plan to make the entire Arlington Rd. corridor more pedestrian-friendly, said MCDOT spokeswoman Esther Bowring.  

After three reported pedestrian-car accidents in under two months, parents of Bethesda Elementary School students started a petition in 2013 to make Arlington Rd. safer for pedestrians.  

The petition called for “No Turn on Red” signs at high-traffic pedestrian areas, more visible crosswalk markings, and speed cameras on Arlington Rd., among other actions.   

Following the petition, “MCDOT conducted a comprehensive study of the Arlington Rd. corridor in Bethesda, and that study made a number of recommendations to improve pedestrian and traffic safety,” Bowring said.  

The county has already re-striped crosswalks, installed new pedestrian signs, school crossing signs and “Speed Limit 25, School Days” signs, and deployed a speed monitoring awareness radar trailer, all on Arlington Rd.  

The traffic signal at the Elm St. intersection will be reconstructed to make space for a wider sidewalk in fiscal year 2019.  

Bowring says MCDOT is actively assessing the impact of these changes on pedestrian safety. 

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