“Personal Profile: An Introvert’s Weight Loss Journey” (Video)

Personal Profile: An Introvert’s Weight Loss Journey
On this Personal Profile, scientist, Vanguard champion and self-proclaimed introvert Zach Gran discusses his weight loss journey. He shares his tips for how he lost almost half his body weight (from 380 to 225), discusses future weight loss goals and talks about how he overcomes his introverted nature.

Producer: Heather Jones
Technicians: Jamie Fain and Andre Worthington
Editor: Wane Mendoza

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One Response to ““Personal Profile: An Introvert’s Weight Loss Journey” (Video)”

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    On November 29, 2013 at 10:12 am responded with... #

    Your video quickly makes the viewer care about Zach. This viewer felt admiration for him as an individual and pleased and happy at his success. That is a lot to accomplish in 4 minutes. Well done!

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