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Krista Brick is a multi-media journalist with Montgomery Community Media. A mom of four busy kids, Krista has her foot in high school, middle school and elementary school as well as on the soccer field, baseball diamond, track and volleyball court. Inside her blog Keeping up with the Kids celebrates... Read more

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Portable is Here to Stay

Everything is portable these days. You can bring your favorite TV show along with you via your Iphone, you can monitor how well you sleep via a special bracelet, heck, there’s even squeezable apple sauce in case you needed that to be portable too.

Relocatable classroom PHOTO |MCPS

Relocatable classroom

But, in Montgomery County what seems to be a mainstay are portable classrooms. The county’s school board recently renewed leases for a these classrooms on wheels for a total of $2.4 million this year. That covers 426 relocatable, which I suppose is the new buzzword for portable classrooms. The lease is for one more year of these units. The average cost per relocatable classroom is $5,781.90, according to a school board memo, which is an increase of $53.66 per unit.

The school system increase by 14,000 students in the past six years and is projected to increase by another 11,000 students in the next six years, according to MCPS Director of Facilities Management James Song. Relocatable classrooms are used to manage that growth.

With school enrollment growth not showing any signs of slowing down and the reliance on relocatable classrooms as a way to handle the capacity overrun, relocatable classrooms seems to be here to stay and  much less, ahem… portable.

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Krista Brick

About Krista Brick

Krista Brick is a multi-media journalist with Montgomery Community Media.


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