June 29th Derecho (Video Collection)

Image of a wooden horse with the words "Pepco help" sprayed painted in it at end of street in Aspen Hill, MD
On Friday June 29 a “derecho” storm left over 480,0000 residents without power. Nine days passed before power was restored to all residents. MyMCMedia reported throughout and continues to follow this story. Here’s a look at some of our coverage.

Photo: Intersection of Drake Drive and Russett Road in Aspen Hill, July 2.

Residents Speak at PSC Hearing in Montgomery County On August 7, 2012

Residents Speak Out at PSC Hearing

Abbe Milstein Testimony

Resident Testimony at PSC Hearing

Joel Freedman Testimony

Lynn Board Testimony

Bob Hydorn Testimoy

PSC Public Hearing

Cathy Pickar Testimony

Lewis Testimony

Susan Hoffmann Testimony

Andrew Kavounis Testimony

Joseph Hunter Testimony

Mary Colletti Testimony

C. Ellis Testimony at PSC Hearing

Stan Croydon Testimony

Bruce Bernstein Testimony

Marnie Shaul Testimony

Judy Koenick Testimony

More Residents Testify

County Council debriefing with the Public Service Commission and Pepco on July 19, 2012

Reflections on the Power Outage

MyMCMedia Coverage During Outage

MyMCMedia: Storm Aftermath

MyMCMedia Coverage Council President Roger Berliner July 9 Press Conference

“No Issue is More Important”

Berliner Suggests “Public Power”

Berliner On Bidding out Utility Franchise

“A Tipping Point”

“A Literal Disconnect”

Pepco Needs to Make Changes

On The Role Of The PSC

Immediate Steps To Be Taken By Pepco

On Duration of Power Outages

Look Into Public Power

On Pepco’s Distorted Data

“How Can We Have Such A Dumb …”

“It’s Just Not Okay”

Pepco and Reliability Standards

Power Outage Correspondence

Berliner On Improving The Resiliency

“We Are In A World Of Hurt”

Why Pepco Should Attend Meeting

PSC Should Consider Past Imprudence

Pepco Should Lose Monopoly

Berliner Talks About Emails He Received

“We Need Accountability”

Council President Press Conference

Berliner Suggests Public Power

Berliner on the Need for Generators

On Becoming Less Dependent on Pepco

Rate Hearing Should Consider Past

Berliner Blames Pepco Management

Pepco Should Lose Monopoly

On Meeting Reliability Standards

Tree Trimming Around Electric Lines