Rockville Nonprofit to Host Sessions to Brainstorm and Plan a Science Center

Rockville Science Center, a local nonprofit that explores science, is hosting a series of brainstorm sessions to involve the members of the community in planning for a new facility.

Photo Courtesy of Rockville Science Center

Photo Courtesy of Rockville Science Center

These meetings are scheduled for May 9, 30, June 13, 27, and July 11, 25 from 9 a.m. to 10:30 a.m.

The first two meeting will be held at the Carnation Room at the Rockville Senior Center. Details for the remaining sessions will be posted on the organization’s website.

“People have been working for decades to realize a science center in the Rockville area and this is really our second chance at restarting the movement to get this done. Back in 2006 there was a feasibility study that was funded by the City of Rockville that really confirmed that there is a need and desire in this community to have a science center,” said Rockville Science Center Board Trustee Member Soo Lee-Cho.

During the Annual Volunteer and Member Appreciation Reception, on March 31, RSC announced the new initiative to gather community input.

“Every year we get a little bit closer and a little bit closer to an actual brick-and-mortar building which I think is exactly what we need. All along the way every year the Science Center has gotten stronger and more engaged and bigger in terms of the people you are bringing in and the activities that you are providing. It’s a huge asset to the City of Rockville and to the County at large,” Rockville Mayor Bridget Donnell Newton said at the event.

According to a press release, RSC has received support from the community for events and programs and having a facility could do more to promote “how science impacts everyday life. Since Montgomery County is heavy with technology and the highest paying tech jobs are to be found here, the existence of such talent within a 20-minute drive calls for the formation of a science center in Rockville.”

During these sessions, there will be tables with different topics such as Facility, Outreach, Finance, Human Resources, Content, and Programs. Attendees will go beyond whiteboards and sticky notes by using the Group Map software to collect ideas, according to the press release.

The May 9 and 30 meeting will take place at 1150 Carnation Drive in Rockville. For more information, visit RSC’s website or email Tracy Dove at

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