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Shiatsu Happens

Take a deep breath in… and a deep Yelp out. It’s time to get your relaxation on with these super special spas all around the MD Burbs. Whether it’s shiatsu, deep tissue, or Swedish, as long as it has massage in the name, we’re game!

Best Spa Of Rockville

Located on Nebel Street right off Nicholson in the White Flint area is Best Spa Rockville. The question is… does it live up to it’s name? Cynthia A wrote: “I was super sore to the point that I couldn’t lift items past a certain height without feeling pain. The deep tissue massage I got really went in and relieved my muscle tension, and the woman knew just where to target without me telling her.”

Waxing at Callione Day Spa And Wellness Center | Photo from business owner

Ohana Wellness

In downtown Bethesda with an impressive solid 5 stars is Ohana Wellness. Brooke D wrote: “The quality of the massage is really what matters and what keeps me coming back, month after month. I’ve had four knee surgeries, and a broken vertebrae from sporting activities, and seeing Natalie on a regular basis has helped tremendously”

Callione Day Spa And Wellness Center

Everything from facials, to scrubs, and even mimosas, Callione Day Spa & Wellness center is a one stop shop. Sean F wrote: “They do a little aroma therapy prior to and during your massage, and I chose lemon grass, which was relaxing and refreshing. The massage bed is heated… and massage oil is also warmed up. The massage was great; second in my book of best massages.”

Front lobby at Verbena Day Spa | Photo from business owner


Verbena Day Spa Right in the middle of downtown historic Frederick sits Verbena Day Spa. You can shop till you drop… as in drop in and get treated like a queen. Lin C wrote: “A facial and mud wrap with massage? Ah, who wouldn’t enjoy such a lovely agenda of relaxation? This spa has been a favorite spot for me for several years and I can’t recall a service I was not 100% satisfied. The ear candling is especially awesome.”

Pandian Health

Giving a 4.5 star experience in Western Medicine is Pandian Health in Silver Spring. They offer reflexology, acupuncture, and massage to boot. Melissa Z wrote: “This is not the place to go if you’re looking for a soft, sleepy massage. They apply deep pressure to different points on the body, which can be uncomfortable, but is totally worth it. I feel like a new person today. You also can’t beat the price!”


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While he’s not collecting vintage clocks or volunteering with the Boy Scouts of America; Mike works as Yelp’s Community Manager in the Maryland Burbs of Washington. Everything he does is aimed at connecting people with great local businesses in the community. Whether it’s throwing parties at Flying Dog Brewery, organizing training classes at Donte’s Boxing Gym, or taking the MD Burbs International Supper Club, nicknamed the "Yelp Luck Club", to Nai Nai's Noodles & Dumplings; the goal is to educate and inform passionate consumers of local goods. He’s lived in Montgomery County for 96 percent of his life and is still exploring its wondrous hidden treasures.


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