Slavin Ends His 61-Year Membership at the Woodmont Country Club (VIDEO)

Somerset Mayor Jeffrey Slavin, a lifelong member of the Woodmont Country Club, has ended his 61-year membership at the club following a controversy about if President Obama should be invited to join the club.

On Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, Slavin sent an open letter to the club’s general manager with news of his decision to leave the club.

“As today is the celebration of the birthday of Martin Luther King Jr., who taught us all to dream, it is most appropriate that I take this action,” wrote Slavin. “Effective immediately I wish to resign my 61-year membership from The Woodmont Country Club.”

Slavin continued:

“Where intolerance is accepted,
“Where history is forgotten,
“Where Freedom of Speech is denied,
“And where the nation’s first black president is disrespected.”

Slavin talks about his decision and the controversy in this MyMCMedia Extra video, below:

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Mitti Hicks

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One Response to “Slavin Ends His 61-Year Membership at the Woodmont Country Club (VIDEO)”

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    On January 17, 2017 at 2:28 pm responded with... #

    Interesting. He is bashing intolerance, but in the same breath being intolerant of his own clubs views that are a majority.

    SEE YA!!!! Let the door hit you on the way out.

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