2018 Primary Election State Delegate District 15


Laurie Halverson (R)

Photo of Laurie Halverson

Website:  lauriehalversonfordelegate.com
Facebook: Laurie Halverson for Delegate, District 15
Twitter: @HalversonLaurie
LinkedIn: Laurie Halverson


Contact Information
Email: LaurieSHalverson@gmail.com
Town: Potomac


Harvey Jacobs (R)

Photo of Harvey Jacobs


Website: jacobs4md.com
Facebook: Harvey Jacobs For Maryland Delegate Legislative District 15
Twitter: @jacobs4md
Instagram: jacobs4md
LinkedIn: Harvey Jacobs

Contact Information
Email: jacobs4md@gmail.com
Town: Potomac



Marc A. King (R)

Photo of Marc King

Website: N/A
Facebook: Marc King for LD15 Maryland
Twitter: @kingforld15


Contact Information
Email: kingforld15@gmail.com
Town: Germantown





Anis Ahmed (D)

Photo of Anis Ahmed

Website: N/A
Facebook: Anis.Ahmed.169
Twitter: N/A

Contact Information
Email:  ahmeda20878@gmail.com
Town: Gaithersburg



Kathleen Dumais (D)

Photo of Kathleen Dumais


Website: Kathleendumais.info
Facebook: Kathleen Dumais
Twitter: @KathleenDumais1


Contact Information
Email:  kmd@eqkmrh.com
Town: Rockville





David Fraser-Hidalgo (D)

Photo of David Fraser-Hidalgo

Website: www.fraserfor15.org
Facebook: Fraserfor15
Twitter: @fraserfor15


Contact Information
Email: admin@fraserfor15.org
Town: Boyds



Amy Frieder (D)

Photo of Amy Frieder

Website: www.amyfrieder.com
Facebook: Amy Frieder for Delegate – District 15
Twitter: @AmyFrieder
Instagram: amyfrieder


Contact Information
Email:  info@amyfrieder.com
Town: Rockville



Hamza Sarwar Khan (D)

Photo of Hamza Sarwar Khan

Website: N/A
Facebook: Hamza Khan
Twitter: @Hamzaskhan


Contact Information
Email: hamza@yeswekhan.org
Town: Clarksburg



Kevin Mack (D)

Photo of Kevin Mack

Website: www.mackfordelegate.com
Facebook: Kevin Mack for Delegate
Twitter: @Mack4Delegate
Instagram: mack4delegate


Contact Information
Email: vote@mackfordelegate.com
Town: North Potomac



Tony Puca (D)

Photo of Tony Puca

Website: tonypuca.com
Facebook: Tony Puca for House of Delegates District 15
Twitter: @Tpuca


Contact Information
Email: tonypuca@aol.com
Town: North Potomac



Lily Qi (D)

Photo of Lily Qi

Website: lilyqi.com
Facebook: Lily Qi for State Delegate
Twitter: @LilyQiMaryland
LinkedIn: Lily Qi


Contact Information
Email: info@lilyqi.com
Town: North Potomac



Andrew Van Wye (D)

Photo of Andrew Van Wye

Website: www.andyvanwye.com
Facebook: Andy Van Wye for Delegate District 15
Twitter: VanWyeforMD15


Contact Information
Town: North Potomac