2018 Primary Election State Delegate District 39



Verelyn Gibbs Watson (R)

Photo of Verelyn Gibbs Watson

Website:  Verelyn Gibbs Watson
Facebook: N/A
Twitter: N/A


Contact Information
Email: verelyngibbswatson@gmail.com
Town: Clarksburg




Gabriel Acevero (D)

Photo of Gabriel Acevero

Website: Gabriel Acevero
Facebook: Gabriel Acevero for Delegate – D39
Twitter: @gacevero
Instagram: gacevero

Contact Information
Email:  gabe@gabrielacevero.org
Town: Montgomery Village


Bobby Bartlett (D)

Photo of Bobby Bartlett

Website: Bobby Bartlett
Facebook: Bobby Bartlett for Delegate – Maryland District 39
Twitter: @Bobby4MD


Contact Information
Email:  bobby@bobbybartlett.com
Town: Germantown


Andy Hoverman (D)

Photo of Andy Hoverman

Website: Andy Hoverman
Facebook: Andy Hoverman
Twitter: @AndyHoverman
Instagram: andyhoverman

Contact Information
Email: andy@andyhoverman.com
Town: Montgomery Village


Lesley Lopez (D)

Photo of Lesley Lopez

Website: Lopez for Maryland
Facebook: Lesley Lopez for Maryland
Twitter: @LesleyJLopez
Instagram: lesleyjlopez


Contact Information
Email: lesley@LopezforMaryland.com
Town: Germantown


Kirill Reznik (D)

Photo of Kirill Reznik

Website: Kirill Reznik
Facebook: Delegate Kirill Reznik
Twitter: @DelegateReznik


Contact Information
Email: delegate.reznik@gmail.com
Town: Germantown


Shane Robinson (D)

Photo of Shane Robinson

Website: Shane Robinson
Facebook: Shane Robinson
Twitter: @AShaneRobinson


Contact Information
Email: shane@delegaterobinson.com
Town: Montgomery Village


Clint Sobratti (D)

Photo of Clint Sobratti


Website: Clint Sobratti
Facebook: Clint Sobratti for State Delegate of District #39
Twitter: @CSobratti


Contact Information
Email: clint@clintsobratti.com
Town: Montgomery Village