Summer Break Could End Early for Maryland Public School Students This Year

Summer break could end early for Maryland public school students this year if legislation moved by the General Assembly on Wednesday is passed to begin the school year before Labor Day.

Governor Larry Hogan’s 2016 order for public schools to begin their academic year after Labor Day is now threatened. He believes that his order is representative of the majority of Maryland voters.

In a statement on Wednesday Hogan expressed his concern of this bill:

“In 2016, after years of public outcry, I took action to return to the tradition of starting school after Labor Day,” said Gov. Larry Hogan.
“This is the same action that was recommended by the legislature’s own commission, supported by the former governor, and favored by more than 70% of the people of Maryland,” said Hogan.

Critics of Hogan’s 2016 order believe that local school boards should be in charge of designing academic calendars.

Cheryl Bost, the president of the Maryland State Education Association, argues that Hogan’s order is in the best interest of the tourism industry and not public school education.

“Calendar decisions should be done locally based on what’s best for education, not tourism,” said Bost.


In a statement Gov. Larry Hogan said that the House vote was “politics at its worst” and accused members of the legislatures of using “heavy-handed tactics to unfairly influence the ballot process,” said Hogan.


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Jasmine Boyd

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