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July 7, 2017 | Staff Writer

Fight the Bite: Health Officials Say Important to Get Rid of Mosquito Breeding Spots

County officials are urging residents to take steps to protect themselves and their families against the Zika virus. “As we enter the summer mosquito season, everyone should be vigilant about getting rid of mosquito breeding spots,” said Cindy Edwards, senior administrator for Communicable Disease and Epidemiology with Montgomery County’s Department of Health and Human Services. […]

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April 26, 2017 | Sonya Burke

A Warning from Health Officials: Don’t Pick Up that Wild Animal, No Matter How Cute and Cuddly

Montgomery County health officials are warning residents to resist the urge to touch wild animals, including baby squirrels, raccoons and baby foxes. According to Mary Anderson, a spokesperson for Montgomery County, there have been several instances in the last few weeks of county residents bringing young wild animals into their homes and then calling animal […]

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September 5, 2014 | Krista Brick

photo of Cindy Edwards

Health Department Still Tracking Whooping Cough Outbreak (Video)

Officials with the Montgomery County’s Department of Health and Human Services are still tracking the outbreak of whooping cough in Montgomery County, but as of Sept. 4 no additional confirmed cases have been reported. The department’s Cindy Edwards, senior nurse administrator for communicable disease and epidemiology, talks about pertussis and the status of the outbreak […]

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