Final Cut Pro

October 11, 2015 | Larry Merewitz

Video Editing Made Easy

Did you ever go to a movie or even watch one on TV? You turn on the TV, or whatever you use to watch shows and movies and sit through it totally intrigued with the effects and things that just didn’t seem possible, and wonder how do they do that.  You know it isn’t real […]

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February 4, 2014 | Larry Merewitz

Editing Video is the Answer

Every family has some form of a camera , point and shoot, maybe a step up to the SLR’s, even a small relatively inexpensive video camera. Nowadays, don’t even need a camera, still or video all you need is a phone and it can do it all.  You think about all this and do a lot […]

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July 24, 2013 | Mandi Wyndham

What a Day

We have had another busy day at MCM’s Summer Backpack Journalism Academy. Our reporters took a break from editing to help record a video for an upcoming project with Power2Give. If you haven’t checked out MCM’s first project, “Send a Kid to Camp” yet, you need to. What a great way to give back to […]

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July 22, 2013 | Mandi Wyndham

Putting the Story Together (Photos)

The heat did not deter our backpack journalists from getting their stories the past week. They all came in this morning with a ton of footage for their stories.  We started recapping their week and then dove right in to editing with Final Cut Pro 7.  What an experience!  Our journalist learned some new tricks […]

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July 9, 2013 | Mandi Wyndham

Stories Coming Together! (Photos)

Our Backpack Journalists got off to a good start today editing their stories. Some of the stories are almost completed. It’s so exciting to see the stories come together. I really think you will be impressed to see them. I know I was at what I saw today.  I hope you are ready for some […]

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July 8, 2013 | Mandi Wyndham

Final Cut Pro after Fireworks! (Photos)

The holiday weekend didn’t distract our journalists from getting their stories. They all came to class prepared to learn to edit. All of them had their Sony Bloggie in hand; ready to tackle today’s editing instruction. They learned the basics of Final Cut Pro 7 today. I think they really enjoyed practicing with the footage […]

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June 24, 2013 | Mandi Wyndham

Let’s Edit!

Final Cut Pro was the focus in today’s Summer Backpack Journalism class.  Our journalists had their stories ready to go and the learned today how to put it all together.  I do believe they enjoyed learning all the fun and “cool” things you can do with video. They are so full of energy and I […]

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March 28, 2013 | Mandi Wyndham

Let’s Edit – Backpack Journalism Day 3

Their interviews have been recorded and our Backpack Journalists are hard at work editing their stories!  I can’t wait to see the final projects tomorrow!  Make sure you check back for updates!  

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March 27, 2013 | Mandi Wyndham

Backpack Journalism – Day 3

Today we learned how to edit using Final Cut Pro. Our Backpack Journalists are ready to start editing their projects tomorrow. Stay tuned for updates…  

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