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January 31, 2017 | Mary Ann Garlic

A Visit to Historic Newport, Rhode Island

Years ago I made a declaration that I will visit every state within the United States. This is a part of my ongoing journey. October of 2016, I had the privilege to travel to Newport, Rhode Island. I had no idea how beautiful and quaint this part of the country is. Full disclosure, I absolutely […]

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March 17, 2016 | Mary Ann Garlic

Some Things That Happen In Vegas Should Be Shared

Vegas, America’s year-round playground, is sizzling, exciting and action-packed. The Vegas strip is infamous for an assortment of entertaining characters. For a town that personifies gaudy, it’s a pleasant surprise to see a variety of amazing architectural structures. Vegas offers you a little bit of the world including replicas of the Eiffel Tower to the […]

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March 14, 2016 | Mary Ann Garlic

It’s That Time of Year Again

Cherry Blossom fever is about to spring into full bloom. This is a photographer’s, and anyone who loves the great outdoors, dream come true. I enjoy all the pomp and circumstance that surrounds the Cherry Blossom festivities. This year the festival events will take place March 18 through April 17. Events scheduled include an opening […]

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November 12, 2015 | Mary Ann Garlic

Chillin in Chesapeake Beach

Maryland is a beautiful state steeped in history and bountiful in serene landscapes. There’s a never-ending supply of nature’s beauty right outside your door. One of my favorite ways to spend a beautiful Saturday morning or late afternoon is to grab my camera, hop in the car, and head no where in particular. What caught […]

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November 5, 2015 | Mary Ann Garlic

The Crowd Was Wowed at Andrews Air Show

The community showed up in full force at Andrews Air Force Base to witness a breathtaking aerial show featuring some of our country’s most awe-inspiring machinery on September 19th. This spectacular event was a great opportunity to marvel at the military’s latest, greatest technology and show support for America’s finest, the brave men and women […]

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