The Guys of DMVFNE

I have wanted to do my own TV show on Montgomery County Media for years. But for some reason it was never the right time. It was not enough time, money or just plain afraid to take the leap. Fast forward to April 2012 the dream became a reality.  Little did I know the process wasn’t as easy as my mind made it to be. I had to set out and get a location, talent, release forms and the most important the crew to help support my dream. Finding the right crew is not always easy. This is strictly volunteer. You have to fit in the full time jobs, families and also you have to click in personality. After having a crew member leave me right in the middle of Chevy Chase right before taping, I realized they have to want the dream too.  We have to be in sync. They have to see the vision just like I do.

These four great guys not only see my vision, but are an integral part in me going after my dream. Without them, I would not have the courage, the knowledge or the footage!   I am very grateful to them for helping me. That is not an easy task. I can go in a million directions and they help to keep me grounded. My crew for DMV Fashion News and Events includes Rob Snip, Stephen Leard, Nate “The Shoot” Fashion and B. Anthony. Love you guys!

Rob Snip. He saved me and showed me what a true camera man was.

Nate “The Shoot” He does all the photos. He is a quiet but suave soul. This is his own work. Love it!

Stephen Leard. He still worked with me……He is such a great guy!

B. Anthony. My right hand man. “I pity the fool that doesn’t like DMVFNE!”




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About Marsha Barkley

I am Marsha B.: lover of life, fashion and new people....POSITIVE PEOPLE. I love MCM! Working on my new show: World According To Marsha B.- I think. Let me think on it!


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    Congrats Marsha

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