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Twenty Ticks on the Clock

Twenty minutes. About two smacks of the snooze bar.sleepy

That’s the net gain from an effort to start school for upper grade students in Montgomery County later in the morning. Hardly the answer to getting students experts say the additional sleep they need to function well at school. In all, it was much to-do about nothing. How many hours were spent researching, testifying, analyzing and voting on ways to get our kids more time? No matter how you shake it the alarm is going to go off in the morning and in the case in my house if it is before 10 a.m., you’re going to have a teen who doesn’t really want to be woken up. No, we don’t have a crazy bedtime schedule that has said teen asleep at midnight, yet said high schooler is also not catching zzz’s by 9 a.m.

I’m pretty sure in the history of teens, sleepy ones are the norm.

But the slight adjustment might make it that much more difficult for the teachers who teach them to coordinate their schedules to get in the classroom. Some testified they live out-of-county and now have an out-of-sync schedule with their own children’s school schedule. Others have said the adjustment puts them into the mainstream rush hours adding more traffic to our roadways. And two-parent working households are again under pressure to find a way to balance the home/work schedule.

I think instead of trying to fabricate more hours on the clock, what we should look at is the pressures our teens are under to meet the ever-rising bar for their performance. I think teens are stressed by trying to create a resume in high school that shows them to be an athlete, a scholar (but not just a run-of the-mill scholar but one who has led a nonprofit, or invented a new way to split atoms), a volunteer and a broadway singer. That is the pressure that is keeping them up at night and affecting their health.

Enjoy your 20 minutes students. I am sure you can use it to squeeze in one more activity.

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Krista Brick

About Krista Brick

Krista Brick is a multi-media journalist with Montgomery Community Media.


One Response to “Twenty Ticks on the Clock”

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    On February 19, 2015 at 12:32 pm responded with... #

    Well said! I’m not exactly sure this decision was well thought out either, despite the claims. Personally, I think they should swap high school start times with elementary schools. Just makes more sense to me considering most elementary school kids are shaking their parents out of bed at the crack of dawn, while our teens are practically comatose at very least until 9 a.m. Will 20 minutes make all that much of a difference? I don’t think so…I’m just sayin’.

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