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Follow me in this blog as I give you a behind the scenes look at volunteering at Montgomery Community Media. I am originally from the Netherlands, and now live and work in Montgomery County. My interest in MCM began at the Montgomery County Agricultural Fair in August 2011, which prompted... Read more

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Rob Snip

Volunteer Networking

Having done several Field Productions myself and with my co-operation to various productions by other Field Producers I can say that I have already established a little network of volunteers at MCM.

However, I started out a year ago, not knowing anybody at volunteer services. When I started, MCM didn’t have such an awesome and elaborate website as we do right now, so most contacts came exclusively from my classes for Field Producer, Field Camera Tech and later on Field Editor FCP.

Now we have a unique opportunity to network between volunteers, to exchange ideas, experiences, recommend crews and locations. A big help in my humble opinion would also be an online volunteer database that could list certifications, experience, programs and availability for other productions. A good crew is hard to get, despite the vast number of certified volunteers at MCM. A profile in this database would be an excellent way to introduce yourself and get people interested in your productions or your production skills such as field or studio camera work etc.

Personally I would like to see much more new public access productions at Channel 19 and 21, and the best way to do this is to help eachother out with productions as soon as we see a crew call or an email, asking us to help. So let’s make this happen and produce some amazing shows!

I am AmeriDutch, and I approve this message…

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About Robert Snip

Robert Snip is originally from the Netherlands, and is now living and working in Montgomery County. He became interested in MCM at the Montgomery County Agricultural Fair in August 2011, after which he signed up for certification as a Field Camera Technician and Field Producer. Since then he has worked on more than a dozen productions as a camera technician, crew manager, floor director, video director and Final Cut Pro editor, for which he received MCM certification in May 2012. His first production, the Messiah Sing Along was awarded an Honorable mention at the 2012 Monty Awards, after which he produced the National Christian Choir at First Baptist Church of Gaithersburg. In 2014 he has been working as the Executive Producer for the award winning TV series Lip Gloss & a Sander. Currently Robert is working as Producer and Director for On the Edge of Time, a documentary series on a woman and her journey with cancer, and for Kids With Learning Power, a children's show to be launched Fall of 2015. Robert is the author of the MyMcMedia blog The World of Volunteering at MCM.


2 Responses to “Volunteer Networking”

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    On September 10, 2012 at 6:58 pm responded with... #

    Hi Robert, Great idea and thanks for contributing. We want to make our volunteers accessible, we just have to work out the details, always considering the privacy issues involved.

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      On September 11, 2012 at 10:28 am responded with... #

      Thank you for your feedback Ellen, and of course thank you for all the hard work you do to make sure people like me get the proper training and get MCM certified in this exciting world of TV productions.
      I understand the privacy concerns very well. That’s why I think certified technicians should be able to opt IN for this database and perhaps it can be accessible for certified people only, so when you’re certified, you are able to join and access a database of your peers for future projects and productions. You could think about additional information like previous experience, link to their work and the option of listing availability, references, awards and recommendations.

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