What Are You Thankful For?

Silent prayMyMCMedia asked Montgomery County residents to tell us what they are thankful for this year. One of the common denominators in almost all the responses, received so far, appears to be how much residents love their community. Take a look:

“I am thankful that my family is healthy and that we are all so fortunate to have a loving community that works together to help each other.”
Sidney Katz, Mayor of Gaithersburg

“I am thankful for living in such a wonderful community where we are surrounded by so much talent, diversity and good will. It is truly an amazing place and I feel lucky to be a part of it.”
Cara Lesser, Bethesda resident

“I am thankful for my family, my health, and that I have the great fortune to live in such a great community.”
Marilyn Balcombe, Germantown resident

“I am thankful for health and love.”
Karen O’Keefe, Gaithersburg resident

“I am most thankful for a community that three months after an apartment fire does not forget and rallies to make sure all families impacted have a Thanksgiving meal – and cash ($777!) to match!… THAT is the story of what an amazing collaboration of our County’s HHS Department, Takoma Park, the faith community, and the Adventist Community Services Center just did today, two days before Thanksgiving!”
Reemberto Rodriguez, Silver Spring Regional Center

“I am thankful for all our communities that comprise Montgomery County. On a daily basis, their unwavering support for their fire and rescue service continually motivates us to improve, hence making for a safer place for our citizens to live and work.”
Fire Chief Steve Lohr, Montgomery County Fire and Rescue Service

“I am thankful for all the Montgomery Community Media volunteers and the countless hours they put in all year long to create such fantastic programs.”
Bridget Edell, Gaithersburg resident and host of Lip Gloss & A Sander

“I have so much to be thankful for this year…a healthy, happy family with two inquisitive kids who are enjoying friends and school, the ability to make an impact in the community with a talented and creative work family, and wonderful, supportive friends. A girl couldn’t ask for more.”
Paula Ross, Gaithersburg resident

God gives you the children you deserve. So this year I’m thankful for my kids, who challenge me to be more patient, loving and giving of my time and attention to them.”
Merlyn Reineke, Kensington resident

“I am thankful for public libraries in Montgomery County that allow residents free access to reading materials, entertainment, educational resources and opportunities that enrich our lives. I am thankful to my family for their support and encouragement all year long that lets me do my life’s work that is important and meaningful to the community.”
Ari Brooks, Friends of the Library

“I’m thankful this year and every year for a loving God, family and true friends who stand by me in good times and bad; for the health and talents to pursue both professional and personal successes or challenges. and to endure disappointments and hardships; and for the opportunity each day to extend the many blessings I have received by being a blessing to others – especially by encouraging them. Corny, maybe, but all true. Oh yeah, and I’m thankful the Redskins are not playing on Thanksgiving, because right now that may well have put a damper on a great day. Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!”
Steve Simon, Gaithersburg resident

“I am thankful most importantly for my family and friends, but am also thankful for the opportunities that I have had to help young people and others redirect their lives in a positive direction through my work in the legal community.”
Rene Sandler, Sandler Law LLC

“I am thankful for the community support we have in Montgomery County, as I know that contributes greatly to our low crime rate. I am thankful for all of the men and women of my Department who are so committed to keeping our community safe … many of whom will be working this holiday. And I am thankful for my family, 16 of whom will be sharing dinner with me on Thursday night.”
Police Chief J. Thomas Manger, Montgomery County Police Department

“This year I’m especially thankful for my family – with my oldest son going away to college this year I have really cherished family time more than ever, and have made a concerted effort to spend more quality time with my husband and each of my three kids. I am also thankful for my good friends, particularly one of my best friends who is fighting and surviving breast cancer – I think it’s important for each of us to step back once in a while and think about what it would be like to live like we are dying – only the really important issues bubble up, and bonds become stronger as we support each other through difficult times. I am very thankful this year for my new job – I work for a great company (shameless plug for CPR MultiMedia Solutions!!) and it is a fabulous feeling to be a part of a team where I feel like I’m making a positive impact and where I am allowed the flexibility to balance my work and personal lives to the best advantage of both. Finally, I’m thankful for community – I enjoy being a part of the many volunteer organizations I support, and hope that my varied contributions are making a quantifiable, positive difference across each organization. Reflection about what I’m thankful for this year makes me realize just how lucky I am, in spite of any and all challenges along the way.”
Susan Burkinshaw, Germantown resident

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