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Here’s a look at some of the reaction we are getting to our stories on the website:

Challenges Thailand Faces to Launch Community Media

“Since Thailand is suffering under a fascist dictatorship your ‘hope’ has as much chance as a snowball in hell. However, astonishing developments in Burma may make for a better media future in Thailand. So, do come back sometime.” Owen Oglala

Syed-Shaukat on Board of Education Vote to Close School For Students on Eid Holiday (VIDEO)

“No closing of MCP schools for Eid. Pretty soon it will just be holidays and no school. If Eid observers want to take the day off, they may. suppose every religionist of different beliefs decide MCPS should put their holy day on the calendar, the public school system will be negatively impacted. that will be inconvenient and over burden the school system. it’s public school, not church.” Marjorie Lewis

Board of Education Votes to Move Professional Day to Accommodate Muslim Holiday (VIDEO)

“Nice piece thank you. This battle has been going on for nearly two decades. I started lobbying when my four children were in schools then (now all grown) in early 90’s. as a parent, I was able to work on changing the testing policy, homework policy, the addition of the middle east curriculum for middle schools and update/change some of the history books to become more sensitive. MCPS was very receptive in the past, it was so real. The political climate has changed all of that. This is the perfect opportunity to do more educational outreach and training for all staff in MCPS including board members and principals. Equality it’s what it is all about. We are fortunate to have access to many free services in Washington dc area such as embassies, Arab & Muslim organizations and universities. Our school system does a great job in accommodating so many different groups and tries to meet all needs. accommodating Muslim students’ needs would be so much appreciated.” Samira Hussein

Dozens Attend Community Meeting About Operations at Montgomery County Airpark (VIDEO)

“Can somebody tell me what the crash of a light jet on a business trip during the day has to do with abolishing touch-and-go landings by training airplanes and closing the airport at night? In the last year, this discussion has changed from one of safety to a noise conversation. The residents are grasping at straws here with their sensationalistic tales and pushing for restrictions that they label “safety changes.” The Airpark and its procedures are safe and they have worked well for decades. December’s tragedy is the only accident in 55 years that led to a ground fatality. Were the Airpark not safe, pilots wouldn’t fly here. In the interest of self-preservation, pilots don’t fly dangerously despite what this vocal minority of residents say. Own up to the fact that you chose to buy a house near an airport or move.” Peter Bedell

County Delegation Travels to El Salvador for Sister City Trip on Nov. 7 – 10

“Gracias muy amable, Viva El Salvador.” Michael Pescador Johnson

“Without doubt, a visit that honors the population. And they arrive by own efforts without much protocol in recognition of the needs that people have in this region.” Aldredo Modina

Judge Sets New Court Date For Catherine Hoggle (PHOTOS & VIDEO)

“I am aware that HIPA laws are protecting this mother while she is committed to a mental hospital. Can’t they give her a drug to make her talk? I know it sounds archaic but it worked for the guys coming back from wars…” Chris Kenderdine

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