Gas Tax Hike? (Video)

Are taxes in Montgomery County heading up?

Recently, Governor Martin O’Malley proposed a 6% increase on the gasoline tax. With the rising cost of gasoline, can we afford this increase? Without the additional revenue to support infrastructure improvements, will Maryland’s transportation continue to decline?

Join moderator Casey Aiken and the panel of 21 This Week as they discuss current topics affecting Montgomery County. During the recent episode of MCM’s award winning 21 This Week, Casey Aiken and the panel discuss a potential Maryland sales tax hike of 6% on gasoline. Guest Steve Kreseki, Governmental Affairs Advisor, comments on whether Governor Ehrlich’s use of moneys from the transportation fund have negatively impacted the county’s ability to handle transportation projects. The proposed tax hike would give Maryland the 4th highest gas tax in the country. Rich Parsons, Political Consultant, argued the need for this tax hike. He noted that our gas tax has not been raised since 1992. The hike would be phased in over 3 years.

Is Montgomery County the Cash Cow for Maryland?

Host Casey Aiken pointed out that Montgomery County only receives 22 cents in state funding for every dollar sent to Annapolis. Governor O’Malley has also discussed pulling state funding of $41 million for teachers pensions. Can Montgomery County absorb this shortfall? David Fraser-Hidalgo, Democratic Activist, responded he believes our delegates to the general assembly have been working to get more funding from the state.

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View the entire 21 This Week Episode #323. Let us know what you think!

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