Montgomery Community Media (MCM) offers free and affordable media training opportunities to residents of Montgomery County, Md. After a two-year closure due to the COVID-19 pandemic, MCM studios and classrooms are now open to the public.  Since March 2020, we have maintained a robust catalog of virtual courses and continue to offer courses in editing, video production, podcasting and more. Email us at for more information.


“Hands on instruction is simple, practical and easy to follow… I was able to do things I did not think I could”

“The class I took was very helpful and well run.”

“Tips, tricks, and skills I’ve learned at MCM I’ve used for both MCM and outside projects.”

“First of all, I must say that I adore watching [my child’s] growth from participating in MCM Youth Media Academy. The program is marvelous!”


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Updated March 28, 2022 with New Classes


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Our Editing Classes Are Our Most Popular Classes!

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