3 Incumbent Councilmembers Lead At-Large Race, Tom Hucker Trailing

County Council Incumbents Evan Glass, Will Jawando and Gabe Albornoz are leading in the Democratic race for the four council at-large seats, according to unofficial results from Tuesday’s primary from the Maryland Board of Elections. Councilmember Tom Hucker currently ranks sixth out of eight candidates.

Results as of 11:15 am Wednesday do not include some 40,000 to 50,000 write in and provisional ballots. Final results are not expected until mid-August.

In the four council-at-large positions, with 246 of 258 precincts reporting their early and primary day votes, Evan Glass was the top vote getter with 42,409.

In second place was incumbent Will Jawando with 40,159, followed by Gabe Albornoz with 35,937 votes and Gaithersburg Councilmember Laurie-Anne Sayles with 31,016 votes.

Incumbent Tom Hucker is in sixth place with 24,345 or 10.5% of the vote.

In the November general election, the four top vote getters will face Republicans Christopher Fiotes, Dwight Patel and Lenard Lieber. As the Republicans only fielded three candidates for four slots, they will all advance to the general election.

Name Party Early Voting Election Day Mail-In Ballot / Provisional Total Percentage
Gabe Albornoz
Democratic 11,115 24,822 NR 35,937 15.50%
Brandy H. M. Brooks
Democratic 5,063 13,758 NR 18,821 8.12%
Dana E. Gassaway
Democratic 3,304 10,445 NR 13,749 5.93%
Evan Glass
Democratic 13,371 29,038 NR 42,409 18.29%
Scott Evan Goldberg
Democratic 7,643 17,832 NR 25,475 10.98%
Tom Hucker
Democratic 7,995 16,350 NR 24,345 10.50%
Will Jawando
Democratic 12,266 27,893 NR 40,159 17.32%
Laurie-Anne Sayles
Democratic 9,274 21,742 NR 31,016 13.37%

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