Montgomery Community Media is currently recruiting for the following positions:
Director Education and Community Engagement
Production Technician

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Director Education and Community Engagement

This is a director level management position responsible for leading community engagement through innovative educational curriculums, community content recruitment and vibrant volunteer experiences. Additionally, this position will contribute expertise about operational needs for systems, facilities and production equipment needed for program success. This director will be responsible for revenues and costs related to tuitions, course demand and instructional resources.

The director will design media training courses that meet the changing needs of multimedia content producers in our community. The director will acquire/create the necessary personnel, equipment and structure for successful educational experiences that are in demand.

The director will create a community of content contributors through outreach, collaboration, and public engagement activities to sustain MCM’s access platforms.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:
As a member of the senior management team reporting directly to the CEO, the Education and Community Outreach Director position has responsibilities in the following areas:

  • Direct and oversee staff at the Rockville and Silver Spring location as it develops and implements video production and multimedia content training and teaching programs that are in demand.  Design curriculums for skills and content creation that are trending with current community needs and interests.  Maintain high standards for course offerings, attendance, and student experience.
  • Develop, design, and oversee the curriculum for workshops, classes, and labs. Design monitor and review certification requirements. Target and create classes and instruction that will appeal to targeted groups of potential students, offering desirable training for the creation of current and trending media.
  • Perform continuous assessment of student and volunteer needs including evaluations, regular feedback, and development of action plans to ensure the effectiveness of services.
  • Encourage and enhance volunteer participation. Create and nurture a positive and supporting environment for the volunteer organizations community. Implement activities that support supervised productions for training reinforcement. Promote volunteering to students.
  • Create a welcoming collaborative environment for community content contributors.  Design programs for regular community outreach to recruit content creators to distribute on MCM platforms.  Actively seek presence with volunteer organizations that are creating content or are interested in learning how to create content. Act as primary ambassador for creating content contributor relationships.  Promote the use MCM facilities to media creators to create content contribution opportunities.
  • Design and implement systems and processes for convenient and efficient content contribution.  Work with technical and programming teams to create and maintain easy pathways for contributing to MCM platforms.
  • Prepare recommendations for equipment purchases.
  • Responsible for regular and ad hoc reporting of departmental accomplishments, activities, and proposals to the CEO and MCT Board of Directors, in the form of written reports, documents and presentations as required.
  • In coordination with the Administration Department, maintain all records, tests, student evaluations, reports and associated documents related to the Training unit.
  • Full responsibility for department staff, including preparation of job descriptions, training and managing staff, conducting performance evaluations, personnel development action plans and creating work schedules to accommodate department and company needs as it concerns full and part time employees, contractual labor and consultants. Mentors, guides and coaches staff in order to expand capacities and build management depth.
  • Responsible for regular planning, development and administration of departmental budget including revenue and expense.  This includes a monthly review of the departmental financial statement, monitoring on a monthly, quarterly, and annual basis, and analyzing trends for future expenditures and revenues.  Also responsible for recommendations on controlling expenses and maximizing revenues.

Other Duties:

  • Assumes other responsibilities as assigned.

Preferred Qualifications:

  • Master’s degree in Instructional design, Educational Technology, Instructional Technology, Adult Education, or related discipline. Adequate work experience may substitute for education.
  • Four years of experience working with volunteers, community-based organizations or non-profit organizations.
  • Four years’ experience teaching all aspects of television production, preferably in a Public Access or media arts organization.
  • Three years’ experience in curriculum development.
  • Experience with non-linear editing, digital field, and studio software and/or equipment.

Minimum Qualifications:

  • B.A. degree in Television Production, Electronic Media, Education, or related field. Adequate work experience may substitute for education.
  • Demonstrated experience working with volunteers, community-based organizations, non-profit organizations, or related community mobilization efforts.
  • Demonstrated experience teaching media production.
  • Demonstrated experience in curriculum development.
  • Two years’ experience operating television digital production equipment, including field and studio production, post-production equipment.
  • Sound business and personnel management judgment.
  • Sensitivity and patience instructing students and volunteers. Ability to train and transfer knowledge to others with varying learning needs.
  • Flexibility, adaptability, and the ability to carry out and manage multiple tasks/projects, and open to constantly changing work requirements.
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills.
  • Commitment to community media, first amendment rights and public interest telecommunications.
  • Commitment to the organization’s communications model, and personal development curricula and tools.
  • High level of motivation as a self-starter and the ability to work well as a team member in a collaborative and cooperative manner.
  • Experience working in a nonprofit organization and/or educational institution.

Production Technician

This position assists Production Coordinators in the technical aspects of production for County Council and MCT productions. Work as a part of a production team member on a variety of studio and field productions and provide guidance to maintain a professional atmosphere.

  • Assist the Production Coordinators with the technical aspects of all productions including site survey, equipment pack-up, set-up, production, strike, and equipment storage.
  • Participate as an assigned crew member for various productions. Assigned crew responsibilities include all studio and field positions.
  • Develop production skills as camera operator, technical director, audio person, studio supervisor, teleprompter and lighting set up.
  • Act as a temporary replacement for Production and Post-Production Coordinator on an as-needed basis.
  • Assist producers in creation and coordination of program production.
  • Assist with studio set-up and facilities oversight.
  • Maintain and follow all production and post-production procedures to ensure the highest production standards.
  • Assumes other responsibilities as assigned.

Preferred Qualifications:

  • Position requires two to five years of production experience, with an emphasis on EFP, ENG and studio style production.
  • Familiar with broadcast and industrial video production equipment and have a strong working knowledge of digital formats.
  • Familiar with and possess advanced technical skills including camerawork, lighting, ENG, live streaming and non-linear editing.

Minimum Qualifications:

  • Bachelor’s degree in Film and Television Production, or related Bachelor’s or Associate’s degree also may apply. Adequate work experience may substitute for education requirement.
  • Commitment to community media, Public, Education and Government (PEG) access cable television, first amendment rights and public interest telecommunications.
  • Demonstrated experience in working with production and technical teams.
  • Ability to work under pressure and meet established deadlines.
  • Ability to work cooperatively with government agencies, community groups and individuals unfamiliar with the production process.
  • Proven track record in video production, including, planning and oversight, in the development of video programs and/or customer service to content producers.
  • Working knowledge and experience in a variety of video production environments, equipment and/or systems, and Mac or PC-based applications and tools, specifically with Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Access and PowerPoint).
  • Clean driving record and valid MD Driver’s License. Ability to provide own transportation to attend meetings and events away from the office.

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