Autism Society Expands into Montgomery County 

The Howard County Autism Society has rebranded to the Autism Society of Maryland (AUSOM), expanding into localities including Montgomery County.

The nonprofit has expanded to Montgomery and Anne Arundel counties.

MCM visited AUSOM at their Montgomery County office, which the organization shares with the Autism Society of America in Rockville.

“As the numbers of autistic adults and families have grown, we’ve seen a number of people reaching out, not only for information about young children and diagnosis, but an increasing amount of need on adult services,” said Executive Director Melissa Rosenberg. “And so I’m hoping that we can step in and partner with all of the other community organizations doing this work, but also to fill some gaps.”

She said autism is the fastest growing developmental disability in the U.S. 

AUSOM plans to share resources with families, provide support groups and social events, and bring the community together.

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