Cherry Blossoms Reach Stage 3 of 6

The cherry blossoms in D.C.’s Tidal Basin reached the third stage of the blooming cycle, the National Park Service announced Tuesday.

Stage 3 is the extension of florets, marking halfway to peak bloom as the trees transition through six phases ending with peak bloom. After Stage 3 comes peduncle elongation and puffy white until the blossoms open.

Peak bloom is when 70% of the Yoshino cherry blossoms are open, which is predicted between March 22 and 25, though it depends on the weather conditions. Since 2004, the trees have only reached Stage 3 earlier than March 7 once before. In 2017, the trees entered Stage 3 on March 6.

If ideal weather conditions remain, peak bloom could last for about 10 days.

(Featured photo courtesy of the National Mall and Memorial Parks, National Park Service @NationalMallNPS)

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