County Executive Candidates File Campaign Financial Forms

Candidates for Montgomery County Executive filed their campaign finance forms to the the Maryland State Board of Elections by the required Jan. 19 deadline.

In a four-way race to become Montgomery County Executive, incumbent Marc Elrich and Councilmember Hans Riemer have opted to receive public financing. That means they cannot accept any contribution from a political action committee, corporation or labor organization, and all the contributions they receive must be $250 or less.

In turn, they are eligible for public money. They receive $6 for each dollar for the first $50 contribution, $4 for each dollar for the second $50 and $2 for each dollar for the third $50.

So far, Elrich has raised $102,458 and is requesting $333,968 from public financing. If he is eligible for all that he requested, he will have raised $436,426.

Councilmember Hans Riemer raised $135,287. The campaign has already received $292,222 in matching funds and expects to receive an additional $63,672, bringing the total raised to $491,181, if all requests for matching funds are met.

Councilmember Tom Hucker has $252,533 in his election account. He carried over $175,196 from the previous election cycle and raised $196,28 in the current cycle. He listed $118,991 in expenditures, including $32,000 for consulting fees and $22,000 to a research-pollster company in Takoma Park. He has paid five campaign workers and consultants.

Businessman David Blair is mostly self-financing his campaign and has a balance of $347,836, having raised $1,422,516. He loaned his campaign $1,101,000.


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