County Fire Department Warns of E-Scooter Battery Fires

Montgomery County Fire and Rescue Service (MCFRS) has released safety tips for e-scooters and e-bikes as cases of fires caused by the vehicles have become more frequent.

According to MCFRS, the lithium-ion batteries used to power these vehicles have the potential to combust if not properly taken care of.

Although small, the batteries are designed to store a lot of energy. Leaving batteries unattended while charging or over charging, can lead to fires and the release of toxic gasses.

To prevent these dangerous conditions, MCFRS recommends e-scooter users to:

  • Only purchase & use products that are listed by a qualified testing laboratory.
  • Always follow manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Avoid over-charging batteries.
  • Don’t leave e-bikes/scooters unattended or charging overnight.
  • Only use the charging cord that came with the device. Don’t use off-brand products.
  • Keep batteries & devices at room temperature. Don’t place in direct sunlight.
  • Store batteries away from anything that can catch fire.

If there are issues with the battery such as an unusual odor, too much heat, or change in shape, it is best to stop using the vehicle according to MCFRS. If a battery has reached the end of its useful life, it should not be disposed of in the trash. Old batteries should be brought to a recycling center or disposed of properly.

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