Faith Organizations Step Up to Help Migrants Bused From Texas, Council President Says

Local faith-based organizations stepped forward to help migrants as they were bused to Washington, D.C. from Texas as part of an effort by the Governor of Texas, County Council President Gabe Albornoz said during a media briefing Monday. 

Last month, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott (R) began sending migrants to Washington, D.C. by bus to send a message to President Joe Biden’s administration. Albornoz said several organizations, including one in Takoma Park, have helped and as recently as Thursday and Friday received several busloads and offered respite care to migrants before they left for their ultimate destination. 

Abbott said Biden’s administration failed to secure the border and the purpose of the busing is to send a clear message that Texas “should not have to bear the burden of the federal government’s inaction to secure the border, and the Lone Star State will do whatever it takes to keep Texans safe,” per a press release from Abbott in April to mark the arrival of the 10th bus in D.C.

“It is true that Gov. Abbott has followed through on his threat to indiscriminately send migrants on buses to the D.C. area,” Albornoz said Monday.

“The immigration issue has become a very politically-charged one, unfortunately, but this is truly a humanitarian crisis,” he said. Albornoz affirmed the county’s commitment to helping refugees who come to the area.

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