Gaithersburg Receives Funds Making Public Transportation More Accessible

The National Capital Region Transportation Planning Board allocated $85,000 to the City of Gaithersburg for a shared-use path that would connect the downtown area to both the Marc and Shady Grove Metro stations.

The board is funding 30% of the design work so pedestrians and bicyclists could travel from Gaithersburg to Washington Grove. The path then would link to another proposed path that is expected to connect to the Shady Grove Metro.

According to a TPB selection memo, in the next decade, more than half of the region’s job growth and over 40 percent of the region’s new households will be located within a half-mile of transit.

According to that memo, walking or bicycling to transit currently is limited because sidewalks are missing, crosswalks are unsafe or trails and paths aren’t yet constructed.

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