Governor Moore Commits to Upholding Maryland’s Reproductive Rights

Governor Wes Moore made a live announcement¬†Thursday outlining the state of Maryland’s dedication to upholding the state’s reproductive rights. During the live stream, the Governor addressed the freedoms that the Supreme Court took control of last year and Maryland’s unwavering stance on it.

Moore began the announcement by emphasizing the campaign that he originally ran on. “As long as I am the Governor of Maryland, our state will be a safe haven for abortion rights. But, the importance of today and the importance of all of these leaders is this, we are going to make sure Maryland is a safe haven for abortion rights long after I am Governor of this state,” Moore said.


The Governor laid out a plan addressing the state’s full protections. Previously, he kickstarted a program of funding and released a total of $3.5 million in grants for clinical abortion care. The program specializes in the safety aspect of abortion through trainings of clinical teams and health providers.

Additionally, there will be four bills of legislature for the Governor to sign. These bills will defend body autonomy in the forms of: abortion access as a whole, private discretion, and assisting patients from different states. Moore says that he will sign all four in full support. Lt. Governor Aruna Miller will assist in these efforts.

Moore assures that while other states are outlawing abortion access, and cracking down on these rights, Maryland will commit to being a safe haven for its people. His goal is to help not only current Maryland citizens, but future generations that will also seek these same protections.

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