Highlights from County Executive’s Weekly Briefing

County Executive Marc Elrich held his third media briefing of 2023 Thursday afternoon.

In a wide-ranging presentation, Elrich covered topics from affordable housing, to the Capital Improvement Budget, and his optimism about working with the newly inaugurated Wes Moore administration.

Elrich pointed out the Moore team was the most diverse in the history of the state of Maryland. And he noted several members of the team hailed from the county, including Lieutenant Governor Aruna Miller.

Labeling the state “asset rich but strategy poor”, the County Executive praised the new governor’s approach when it comes to raising the minimum wage. He agreed that being socially just and more business-friendly did not have to be mutually exclusive.

The proposed Year of Service for high school graduates also earned Elrich’s approval. He said the idea of more community involvement might better prepare young people for the workforce.

The County Executive spotlighted Dr. James Bridgers for his recent appointment as the county’s Chief of Public Health Service. He dubbed Dr. Bridgers and Dr. Kisha Davis, the County Health Officer “the dynamic duo of public health awareness and engagement.”

The full briefing can be seen on YouTube.

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