Holy Cross Hospital Celebrates 60th Anniversary 

Holy Cross Hospital leaders celebrated the institution’s 60th anniversary on Tuesday.

The hospital has been serving the community since 1963. 

Last week on New Year’s Day, the region’s first baby of the year was born at Holy Cross.

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, leaders look forward to the next decade of service. Dr. Louis Damiano, President of Holy Cross Hospital, said Holy Cross is seeing an uptick in coronavirus cases and in the number of people in the emergency department. 

Dr. Norvell Coots, President and CEO of Holy Cross Health Maryland Region, said the hospital has been working on resilience and mindfulness for staff trying to work through pandemic burnout. But, he said, that will not be completely resolved until staffing shortages improve. 

He said the hospital has steadily been in the 20s-30s for COVID-19 patients. There are currently no flu or RSV patients in-house.   

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