It’s the Law: Do Not Pass a Stopped School Bus

Beginning Aug. 30, those bright yellow school buses once again will be traveling throughout Montgomery County. For the safety of students entering and exiting, all vehicles must stop at least 20 feet from a school bus when its flashing red lights are activated or the stop sign emerges.

On all roads except divided highways with a median separation, drivers must stop in both directions, according to Maryland law. Drivers must not proceed again until the school bus turns off its flashing red lights or begins moving. Drivers may not see a student so it is safer, and the law, to wait for the bus driver to give the go ahead signal.

A camera on the stop sign that extends from a school bus snaps a picture of vehicles that continue past a stopped school bus. The fine from a photo citation for passing a stopped school bus is $250, but that fine may be increased in court to $500. If cited by an officer, the initial fine is $570 and carries three points.

Montgomery County Public Schools’ Ride by the Rules pamphlet includes many safe practices for drivers and students.

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