José Andrés Joins Relief Chefs in Puerto Rico After Earthquake

Chef José Andrés of Bethesda has once again activated his team of relief chefs at World Central Kitchen to respond to the aftermath of the earthquake in Puerto Rico.

Andrés developed World Central Kitchen as a nonprofit that offers free meals to areas struck by natural disasters. World Central Kitchen has sent relief chefs to respond after Hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico, and in January 2019 World Central Kitchen helped furloughed federal workers affected by the government shutdown.

According to CBS News, the earthquake in Puerto Rico had a 6.4 magnitude, making it the island’s strongest earthquake since 1918. CNN says that the earthquake, along with “several other strong tremors on January 7 killed one man and crumbled dozens of homes and structures. Many residents are without power and water; some are sleeping outside in fear of more structural collapses and aftershocks.”

Andrés took to Twitter Tuesday to announce World Central Kitchen would provide aid to people in Puerto Rico affected by the earthquake. World Central Kitchen has tweeted images that show devastating damage done to the island’s main power plant.

Andrés tweeted that the World Central Kitchen team is using a solar power generator to make food for people on the island affected by the disaster.

In a video shared to Twitter, Andrés encouraged anyone on the island who needs food to reach out to World Central Kitchen on social media.

Andrés visited the city of Yauco on Tuesday and said that more than 11,000 people stopped by the World Central Kitchen location to receive food.

“UPDATE from Yauco, Puerto Rico…the stadium here is where many families are sleeping in tents after the earthquake & we have one of our @WCKitchen kitchens going! Community is very well organized!” Andres tweeted.

Last week, World Central Kitchen sent a team of relief chefs to Australia in response to the wildfires that, according to ABC News, have burned more than 12.35 million acres of land.

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