Leaf Blower Bill Signed Into Law 

Gas-powered leaf blowers will be phased out in Montgomery County.

On Monday in Rockville, County Executive Marc Elrich signed the bill prohibiting gas leaf blowers in coming years.


Two weeks ago, the county council voted 10-1 to pass legislation banning the sale and use of gas-powered leaf blowers and leaf vacuums in most areas.

The ban on sales is effective July 1, 2024.

The ban on use will go into effect July 1, 2025. Agricultural producers are exempt.

The bill also authorizes a grant program to partly offset the cost to replace a gas leaf blower with an electric one. On Monday, Elrich said the county will send a rebate program to the council in March. The county is surveying landscapers ahead of a gas-to-electric leaf blower rebate program.

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