Leggett, Ficker Speak Out on Ballot Questions

Two leading political figures in Montgomery County, neither of whom currently hold office, want voters to realize the importance of the ballot questions for this election.

Former County Executive Ike Leggett strongly opposes ballot questions B and D while perennial political candidate Robin Ficker is continuing his long fight to stop tax increases in Montgomery County by urging voters to say yes to question B.

Ballot Question B concerns tax limits and would take away the county’s power to enact property taxes that would exceed the rate of inflation even if all nine members of the county council agree to the increase. It would prohibit the county council from going over the current cap at all.

Question D would change the structure of the county council, eliminating all at-large seats. Under the current set up, there are five district members, who represent specific parts of the county, and four members who represent the county as a whole. If Question D passes, there would be nine districts, each with one councilmember, and no at-large members.

Ficker opposes Question A, which also deals with tax rate increases. If passed, this would establish a cap on the property tax rate instead of the total tax revenue the County can receive. It would prohibit the county council from adopting a tax rate on real property that exceeds the tax rate on real property approved for the previous year, unless all current councilmembers vote for the increase.

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