Local Democrats Support Trump’s Impeachment Inquiry

Local Democrats are showing support for a formal impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump.

Democrats have been calling for impeachment for months, but House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has rejected a formal inquiry. She gave in after a whistleblower filed a complaint over a telephone call between Trump and the head of a foreign government, later revealed to be Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky. The complaint could involve Trump seeking an investigation in Ukraine against the son of former vice president, and current presidential candidate, Joe Biden.

The Trump administration has yet to release the complaint, further motivating the House to launch an impeachment inquiry.

Impeachment is the formal filing of charges against a federal official. Only the House of Representatives can impeach the president, and only the Senate can convict and remove him.

Rep. David Trone (MD-6th District) expressed his support of the impeachment inquiry in a press release.

“The President has abused the office of the presidency and broken our public trust. Because of this, I support the Speaker’s decision to open an impeachment inquiry and do everything in our power to uncover the truth and save our democracy,” the statement concluded.

Pelosi announced the impeachment inquiry Tuesday evening.

Trump maintains his innocence during the impeachment inquiry process.


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