Maryland Childcare Costs Among Highest in Nation

A survey by the United Way of the National Capital Area looks at all 50 states and the rising costs of childcare.

Marylanders pay some of the highest costs in the nation for childcare. Families with one child in daycare can expect to pay as much as $15,403 a year. Those costs place the state as the 6th highest in the country. With two children, payments escalate to $1,538 a month and $18,456 a year.

According to the survey, the average cost of rent for a year in Maryland comes to $17,820 [per the U.S. Census]. So, paying for childcare for two costs 3.5% more than paying for a year’s rent.

Childcare in the region also ranks very high, with D.C. as #1 in the country and Virginia just behind Maryland at #9.

Typically, families of color, single parents and low-income households struggle the most under these prices. This includes families who earn more than the Federal Poverty Level but less than the basic cost of living.

When it comes to childcare cost burden for low-income households, Maryland ranks 20th among the states.


  • Percentage of Income Spent on Childcare:
    • Median Income: 16.8%
    • Low Income (80% of Median Income): 21.1%
    • Very Low Income (50% of Median Income): 33.7%
    • Extremely Low Income (30% of Median Income): 56.2%

In summary, the average Maryland household will spend 17% of their income on one child. Low-income families will spend 21% or more and single parents will pay the highest price, 34%.

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