Maryland Ranked Third Most Charitable State

Maryland is ranked the third most charitable state according to finance website WalletHub’s 2019’s Most Charitable States report. The state of Minnesota ranked number one.

The study examined 19 key metrics, including volunteer rates, community-service requirements, and charity regulations. The metrics were categorized into two dimensions:

  • Volunteering and service
  • Charitable giving

Maryland ranked fourth for volunteering and service; and seventh for charitable giving.

The top ten states (in order) are: Minnesota, Utah, Maryland, Oregon, Ohio, Pennsylvania, North Dakota, Virginia, Washington, and Maine.

If you are interested in volunteering opportunities around the county this holiday season, visit the Montgomery County Volunteer Center for more information.

Data from the U.S. Census Bureau, Corporation for National & Community Service, Education Commission of the States (ECS), Fraser Institute, National Center for Charitable Statistics, Cogency Global, US Department of Housing and Urban Development, Internal Revenue Service, Feeding America, Charity Navigator, Windows USA, Google Ads and Gallup was used by WalletHub for the study.

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