Maryland Releases Report Card on County Public Schools

According to numerous educational associations including the National Assessment of Educational Progress, students nationwide continue to struggle with the effects of the pandemic on their academic performance.

So perhaps the current annual assessment of public schools for 2021-22 by the Maryland State Department of Education should come as no surprise.

Even in a county long known for its academic prowess, Montgomery County Public School (MCPS) students no longer perform at  pre pandemic levels.

Schools were tested in English Language Arts, mathematics and science. Performance indicators evaluated were Academic Achievement, Academic Progress, Progress in Achieving English Language Proficiency and School Quality and Student Success. Definitions of these categories can be found at the bottom of the Report Card page.

Overall, elementary schools in the county failed to meet annual targets in Academic Achievement scoring just over 50% of points needed.  They also fell short when it came to Academic Progress. Targets were met and showed improvement in the areas of Progress in Achieving English Language Proficiency and School Quality and Student Success.

Middle Schools fared poorly, only showing improvement in the area of School Quality and Student Success. According to the report scores were low in the Academic Achievement and English Language Proficiency.

The report on High Schools revealed Graduation Rates, Readiness for Post Secondary Sucess and School Quality and Student Success all showing improvement. Academic Achievement, however, failed to meet goals or show improvement.

Demographic breakdown of success rates consistently shows deficits for economically disadvantaged students who fail to meet targets in Math but show improvement in English Language Arts.

Graduation rates for the school system currently come in at 90%, just slightly higher than the 5-year trend. The dropout rate hit 5.48% up from 2021 but still lower than 2018. 95% of students in the county graduate with a diploma. The other 5% receive a certificate.

College Enrollment data indicates a downward trend by nearly 7% from 2016 to 2021.

Statistics for individual schools can be found on the website as well.


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