MCDOT Launches New Transit Trip Planning App

The Montgomery County Department of Transportation (MCDOT) launched a new Ride On bus trip planning app in partnership with the transit app Moovit.

The new app provides more precise information and choices about your trip. This includes precise current locations, destinations and arrival times. It shows riders alternate routes that take into account many modes of transportation. This allows riders to pick the best route for themselves.

The app has a crowd monitoring feature that allows riders to input how full the bus is. It also includes a dashboard that allows the Central Communications Team to monitor buses and dispatch more as needed.

A federal grant is funding the app. This is to help the community to continue to travel locally in a COVID safe and efficient way.

The partnership between MCDOT and Moovit is a two-year pilot to test the combined Ride On passenger load and trip planning functionalities in and outside of the county. MCDOT will take feedback from riders to make decisions about the app moving forward from the pilot period.

Learn more about Moovit and to download the app visit the MCDOT website.

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