Montgomery College Students Shine in EPA Challenge

80% of the winners in the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s Make a Market Tech Challenge are Montgomery County College students.

Five student teams received a total of $15,000 for their innovative market assessments for new technologies developed by the EPA. Four Montgomery College teams were winners.

Professor Hoa Nguyen, business and economics department chair at the Rockville Campus, helped advise the students throughout the competition process in her Principles of Economics class last year.

“Students got to apply economics concepts directly into business questions about market scope, commercial applications and competition evaluation,” Nguyen said in a news release.

“In this way, students tackled a big market analysis one step at a time, so they did not feel overwhelmed,” Nguyen said, noting that the students wrote up their own research about potential markets for the EPA’s new technologies every week.

According to a news release from the college, the students “expanded their scientific and marketing skills by working with EPA-developed technologies in a hands-on business environment to scope out the best partnering strategy. EPA will use results from the students’ research to find partnerships for each of its water technologies, which will lead to practical application of these technologies for environmental and public health protection.”

Esther Soon came in first and earned $6,000. Rasheevan Nair came in second place, as did a team from the University of Toledo in Ohio. Third place winners included Miguel Granados and Sena Hordoffa.

The winning students attend the Rockville campus.

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