Nats’ Fans Keep Riding the ‘Baby Shark’ Bandwagon

The viral children’s song “Baby Shark” has become the Washington Nationals unofficial theme song over the past few months.

How did it happen? The Nats signed Gerardo Parra, the much traveled outfielder, in May. He was in an 0-for-23 slump when he decided to change his walk-up music. He chose the song as an ode to his two-year-old daughter, Aaliyah. It worked. Parra broke out of his slump and the Nats – who began the season with a 19-31 record – turned around their fortunes as well qualifying for a N.L. Wild Card and are now up 2-0 against the Houston Astros in the World Series.

Was it the song? Who knows? But if you ask superstitious fans, they would definitely say “yes”. Now the “Baby Shark” theme is the Nats’ anthem and has inspired fans to do some silly things.

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