Olney’s Winter City Lights Offers Fun Option for Holidays

County residents have several options for holiday light displays in Montgomery County. The latest entry is called Winter City Lights in Olney located in the same venue where the popular Field of Screams attraction has resided for years.

Winter City Lights features a 1.5 mile long trail of Christmas lights, a 50-foot Christmas tree, bonfires, and a full concessions menu featuring fried Twinkies and Oreos. That plus a guaranteed very realistic-looking snow storm every 15 minutes.

MyMCM visited Winter City Lights to see what it’s all about.

Tickets start at $31 per person. For an extra fee, you can try the Lumberjack Axe Toss or the Penguin Plunge Snow Tube Ride. Go to wintercitylights.com for schedule and tickets. Winter City Lights runs through Dec. 31.

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