Pelosi Takes Shots at Trump at Trone Fundraiser in Gaithersburg

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi took jabs at President Trump without mentioning his name at a political fundraiser Sunday night for Rep. David Trone.

“The current resident of the White House says Article 2 [of the Constitution] says he can do whatever he wants. It doesn’t. That’s a monarchy. We are not a monarchy, we are a republic,” Pelosi said.

“Some of us believe that the current occupant of the White House has violated the Constitution by his actions, violated his oath of office, to protect and defend the Constitution,” she said.

  • "Speaker Pelosi stands up for our constitution," Rep. Trone said at Gaithersburg High. (Deirdre Byrne/MyMCMedia)

The fundraiser, a spaghetti dinner at Gaithersburg High School, drew more than 1,200 people, according to a Trone spokesman.

In his introduction of her, Trone listed a dozen issues where Congress had passed legislation only to have it stymied in the Senate, from gun control to climate change.

Afterward, in a meeting with reporters, she said: “That’s what we do. We’re a working farm. We’re doing this over here [the impeachment inquiry], but at the same time, we’re doing all the jobs of legislating that we have to do.”

In this video, Pelosi discusses the the charge of witness tampering and the number of Democratic candidates for president:

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