Potomac Rabbi Delivers Benediction at Gov. Moore’s Inauguration

Senior Rabbi Stuart Weinblatt of Congregation B’Nai Tzedek in Potomac gave the benediction at Governor Wes Moore and Lt. Governor Aruna Miller’s inauguration in Annapolis Wednesday.

“Today we celebrate, for it is the dawn of a new era,” he said.

Calling Moore’s election campaign “inspiring,” Weinblatt said, “He has touched, moved and uplifted all citizens of this great state. He has shown us that when we are united, when we are imbued with a sense of purpose, together we can – and we will – achieve great things.”

He prayed, “Dear God, do not let their ideals become tarnished. When they are weary, give them strength. When they are discouraged, do not let them despair. Send them encouragement. Should they encounter disappointment, send them hope.”

He began his remarks by pointing to Oprah Winfrey, who had introduced Moore prior to his inaugural speech. Referring to Winfrey’s tendency to give gifts to her television audience, Weinblatt declared, “She has a gift for everyone who is here today, and that gift is that you have witnessed history.”

Weinblatt founded B’Nai Tzedek in 1988.

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