Raskin Honored with Maryland ‘First Citizen’ Medal

Although it has been about five years since U.S. Rep. Jamie Raskin was a Maryland state senator, that legislative body awarded him with its First Citizen Award Medal on Wednesday.

The First Citizen Award is given out by the Maryland Senate president to those who “have been dedicated and effective participants in the process of making government work for the benefit of all.” The award is named for Charles Carroll, who wrote letters published in 1773 in the Maryland Gazette under the name First Citizen. Carroll signed the Declaration of Independence, helped create Maryland’s first Constitution and served in the state senate, Continental Congress and U.S. Senate.

In an email to MyMCM, Raskin wrote, “I was overwhelmed and dumbfounded to be presented this Award yesterday. I remembered when I was a State Senator and being awed by the people who were honored this way, and I just could not quite fit my experience with theirs. So it was a humbling and extremely emotional experience. I am grateful beyond words to President Ferguson and my former colleagues.”

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