UPDATE: Miller Stepping Down from Senate Presidency

Update, 12:30 p.m.: At an Annapolis news conference, Senate President Mike Miller said, “My mind is still strong, but my body is weak.”

Miller said he suffers from fatigue — he says he was in the hospital over the weekend. But he said he still manages to keep up his schedule in his district, which includes parts of Prince George’s and Calvert counties.

Leading the Maryland Senate is a full-time job, and the position needs someone younger, he said.

“It’s been a great run. I’ve enjoyed every minute of it,” Miller said, surrounded by fellow Democrats. For 33 years, he has led the Maryland Senate.

“We’re going to pass Kirwan this year. We’re going to save the Preakness,” he said. Kirwan refers to the $4 billion boost to education spending that has sharply criticized by Gov. Larry Hogan. The second jewel in the Triple Crown has faced pressure to move out of Baltimore.

Miller’s address to reporters was carried on Facebook by Daily Record reporter Bryan P. Sears.

Original post: Two news organizations are reporting that Sen. Mike Miller, who has led the Maryland State Senate since 1987, is stepping down and Sen. Bill Ferguson of Baltimore is taking his place.

Miller, 76, announced last year he was fighting prostate cancer.

The Maryland Senate’s 32 Democrats met behind closed doors in Annapolis on Thursday morning. Miller revealed he was stepping down and the party voted on his successor.

Bryan Sears of the Daily Record tweeted this:

And here’s a tweet from Pamela Wood from the Baltimore Sun:

This means both chambers of Maryland’s General Assembly will be led by Baltimore-area politicians. Delegate Adrienne Jones of Baltimore County is the House Speaker.

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