Rockville City Election Candidates Participate in Debate

Candidates in the 2019 city of Rockville election participated in a debate during a forum presented by the Rockville Chamber of Commerce on Wednesday.

Rockville voters will decide between two candidates for Mayor, and 13 candidates for four Council seats in the first-ever Vote by Mail city election. Rockville City Hall will be the only vote center on November 5 for residents.

During the debate forum, community members had a chance to hear from the candidates and their goals which included pedestrian safety, housing affordability, and education.

Who are the candidates: 

For Mayor: 

  • Bridget Donnell Newton
  • Virginia D. Onley

For Four Council Seats:

  • Monique Ashton
  • Cynthia Cotte Griffiths
  • Beryl L. Feinberg
  • Richard Gottfried
  • James Hedrick
  • Kuan Lee
  • Charles Littlefield
  • Donald A. Masters
  • Brigitta Mullican
  • David Myles
  • Mathew Perkins
  • Mark Pierzhala
  • Suzan Pitman

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