Seneca Valley Football Game Ends Early Due to ‘Series of Student Fights’

The principal of Seneca Valley High School in Germantown issued a statement concerning the Friday night football game with Northwest High School in Germantown in which there was “a series of student fights that created serious and significant interruptions to the safety and security of the event.”

A 15-year-old student was hospitalized with non-life threatening injuries, but that was not as a result of the fighting. Seneca Valley Principal Marc Cohen wrote in an email that the student was injured trying to climb over a fence to get into the game. 

The game was cut short after the third quarter. According to Montgomery County Police, no arrests were made as if Sunday but the investigation is continuing.

“I understand that there are rumors in the community about the brandishing of a weapon in one of these fights. At this time, I have no evidence to support that this happened,” Cohen wrote in the email that was addressed to the Seneca Valley High School community.

Officers did not find evidence of gunshots fired, according to a police spokesperson.

The principal thanked the 2,000 students, parents and community members from both teams “who exhibited great sportsmanship and contributed to a friendly, yet competitive fan experience.”

Montgomery County Police went to the game and removed those involved in the fighting, according to the letter.

The school will have additional security, counselors, central office state and county police officers onsite starting Monday morning.

Cohen said he planned to reach out to parents and students on ways to address the “increase in fighting behaviors that we have seen this school year.” He also plans to speak with Montgomery County Public School Department of School Safety and Security, the Department of Student and Family Support and Engagement, the Montgomery County Department of Health and Human Services and MCP.

“The partnership between each of us is critical in the development of this comprehensive plan,” the principal noted. He urged parents and guardians to speak to their students  “and to continue to reinforce that fighting is never the right answer.”

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